Daddy’s Deli, Indiranagar: Parsi Cuisine in Bangalore

Daddy's Deli, Indiranagar

Daddy's Deli, Indiranagar

I’ve been hoarding this one for ages.

I first encountered Daddy’s Deli in 2002. At that time, friend-of-many-years Rajesh Nair was subsisting on their egg and chutney sandwiches and chicken subs – to the point where the delivery boy would arrive with a garland and agarbathis and perform a brief pooja prior to handing over the food. Um, yes – of course I’m joking, but only just.

At that time, the Parsi owners, Zarine and Nozer Daroga intended Daddy’s Deli to be just that – a deli that dished out sandwiches, subs, and burgers. When they outgrew the Richmond Town property, they shifted to Koramangala, and after a brief and unsuccessful stint there, to their current location in Indiranagar. Along the way, Daddy’s Deli morphed into a full-fledged restaurant serving home-style Parsi food. Continue reading


Wild Spice: Pandi Curry and More

Wild Spice: A taste of Coorg

Wild Spice: A taste of Coorg

Call a native of Coorg a “Coorgi” and you’re asking for trouble. “I’m Kodava”, you’ll be told haughtily, “or, if you must, a Coorg. There’s no such thing as a ‘Coorgi’.” Make the same mistake twice, and you’ll be excommunicated from the Kodava party schedule for life – and that, my friend, is a hard-drinking, heavy-eating scene you really do not want to miss for anything in the world.

Yet an inconspicuous little eatery on the junction of Museum Road and Residency Road proudly proclaims that it serves “Authentic Coorgi Restaurant.” Far from having the place shut down, Kodavas actually recommend it. If, that is, you are particularly skilled at extracting information in, ahem, somewhat unconventional ways (think Hitler’s storm troopers). Keep reading…

Benjarong Gets Thai Food Wrong

Okay, so you all know I don’t really bitch, whine, or complain much. (‘Scuse me a minute while I cover my ears to shut out the vehement dissent of The Spouse and my children, the derisive laughter of my friends, and the collective gasp of disbelief from everyone else who knows me). Right now though, if I had a pen instead of a keyboard, I’d be dipping it in acid. This restaurant should change its name to Benja-wrong.

Oriental decor...

Vaguely Oriental decor...

Last week, Giant Vacuum Cleaner and I had two hours to kill between buying him a “light grey zip-up hoodie with fleece lining” and dropping him off for a movie (yes, he has a busier social schedule than I do). I thought Benjarong would be an good choice for a quick meal in a nice ambience. Given the chilly weather, we were both craving the spice and flavors of Thai cuisine. Keep reading…

Teppanyaki and More: Beyond Sushi #3

Trying to look beyond  the sushi on Harima's menu

Trying to look beyond the sushi on Harima's menu

So Mr. Small won his first inter-school quiz contest on Thursday – and requested a celebratory dinner for Saturday evening. Now do my kids want to eat Happy Meals at Mickey D’s? Of course not (I’d disown them if they did). KFC? Nah. Erroneously assuming that his parents stash piles of money under the mattress, he wondered whether we could fly back to Bangkok to eat some of the delicious street food we’d sampled there. Keep reading…

Via Milano: My Favorite Koramangala Restaurant

Via Milano

Via Milano

I’ve been avoiding writing this post for a while. A long while. Why? Because I haven’t wanted to share “my” favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant with anyone. Which is stupid, really, when you consider that it’s usually full. On a weeknight. Clearly, people already know about it – and, like me, they keep coming back for more.

I still remember the first time I visited Via Milano; Chef Paolo came flying out of the kitchen with tears in his eyes, begging me not to desecrate my Frutti de Mare pizza with the fingernail-sized piece of Gorgonzola I’d asked for. I insisted, he deferred – and I’m sure some poor, unsuspecting cut of meat saw the wrong end of his cleaver that afternoon. I’m surprised he still serves me. Keep reading…

Toscano at UB City

I’d heard mixed reports about Chef Jean Michel Jasserand’s standalone restaurant: great food, but too little of it; great food, but mediocre service; great food, but too expensive. Since the common denominator seemed to be great food, I thought it was well worth checking out. A year or so ago, I’d had the pleasure of dining at the Jasserand home; I’d also been a satisfied diner at the Leela Palace when he was executive chef there almost a decade ago. I arrived at Toscano with preconceived notions: the food would be good, the ambience casual with a dash of chi chi, the prices exorbitant for the quantity served. Keep reading…