Olive Oil Reloaded

Olive oil on bread

Good olive oil tastes like fresh olives

Remember the post I wrote about olive oil a couple of years ago? It remains one of the most popular posts on the FTB blog. With good reason too – when it comes to fats of any kind, olive oil included, myths and misconceptions abound. As the shelves of Bangalore’s grocery stores swell with more and more olive oil brands and variants, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit and expand upon that post.

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Olive Oil: Mysteries Revealed

Olive oil: Know what you're buying

All olive oils are not created equal

Seems like everyone’s into olive oil these days. I’ve seen it in restaurants, in stores, on dining tables, and in kitchens everywhere – even the most traditional of Brahmin adige manes and Punjabi rasoi ghars. “Yeh toh haalth ke liye achcha hota hai, toh hum ab isme hi pakaate hai sub kuch,” (This is good for health, so we now cook everything in it) seems to be the prevailing school of thought. However, all olive oils are not created equal. “Whoa”, I hear you say. “Isn’t all olive oil “good” oil? And if not, how can you tell the difference?” I have four words for you: read the frickin’ label. Keep reading…