Medici in Indiranagar

medici logoThe first time I visited Medici was a couple of years ago, when I was invited as a guest of the Bangalore Mirror review team. At that time, I thought it had a lot of promise, but for one reason or another (so many restaurants, so little time!), I never returned.┬áI was recently invited, with a bunch of other people, to sample Medici’s new Franco-Italian menu, ostensibly so that they could receive feedback on it (in other words, I did not pay for this meal). Having attended the very low-key sit down dinner, I was intrigued (and impressed) enough to return, several times, on my own dime.

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European Art of Taste: EATing Italy

The Bangalore leg of the European Art of Taste (EAT) program has just concluded. As EAT’s Bangalore consultant, I had the pleasure of helping to put together a series of food-focused events.

The first, at Caperberry, was an art-themed event that explored the connection between art and food. Art historian Annapurna Garimella presented several great works of art that featured food – and chef Abhijit Saha created an extraordinary menu consisting of dishes (a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian for each course) ┬áinspired by the art.

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Via Milano: My Favorite Koramangala Restaurant

Via Milano

Via Milano

I’ve been avoiding writing this post for a while. A long while. Why? Because I haven’t wanted to share “my” favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant with anyone. Which is stupid, really, when you consider that it’s usually full. On a weeknight. Clearly, people already know about it – and, like me, they keep coming back for more.

I still remember the first time I visited Via Milano; Chef Paolo came flying out of the kitchen with tears in his eyes, begging me not to desecrate my Frutti de Mare pizza with the fingernail-sized piece of Gorgonzola I’d asked for. I insisted, he deferred – and I’m sure some poor, unsuspecting cut of meat saw the wrong end of his cleaver that afternoon. I’m surprised he still serves me. Keep reading…