Oye Amritsar

Stepping out of the elevator and into Oye Amritsar is like stepping into another world. The first thing you see is a paanwala, perched on the staircase before you. Before you fully register his unlikely presence, your head swivels towards an unceasing, mid-volume clamor. Unbidden, your feet follow suit.

Three of your senses – smell, sight, and hearing – are immediately and simultaneously assailed. The aromas of tawa-hot rotis and shuddh desi ghee conjure up warm-and-fuzzy childhood memories. Fifty-odd conversations struggle to be heard above the sound of old Hindi film songs and the busy clatter of ladle against karhai. And the colors! Red snuggles up against pink; green and purple co-exist happily; and yellows, oranges, and blues vie incessantly for your attention. This is kitsch at its eye-popping best. Keep reading…


The Legend of Sikandar

Alexander the Great... now at Garuda Mall!

Alexander the Great... now at Garuda Mall!

The Legend of Sikandar brings a touch of warmth to the otherwise soulless Garuda Mall. Perched on the fourth floor, Rajesh Rajaram’s latest restaurant is a boon for those craving escape from the swarming mall rats below.

Sikandar aims to recreate the culinary adventures of Alexander the Great. Much research has gone into the menu, which is so extensive that I will eventually have to return, family in tow, for a second meal. Keep reading…