Dining on Dim Sum

Order to your heart's content...

Order to your heart's content

Dim sum. Not my favorite kind of food, as I admitted to Chefs Huang Zhiwen and Suresh of Zen at the Leela. As usual, I was about to have my mind changed in the most spectacular way possible.

To me, dim sum has always conjured up images of teeny-tiny, bite-size morsels of food – hardly enough to feed a monstrous appetite like mine. As I am seated at a spare yet elegant table, I resign myself to following up my meal with heartier fare once I get home.

Chef Huang hails from China. He speaks very little English, and I wonder whether I will be able to communicate easily.  I needn’t have worried. After a brief exchange with Chef Huang about Bangalore (he claims he likes it) Chef Suresh fills me in on all the dim sum details. Keep reading…