European Art of Taste: EATing Italy

The Bangalore leg of the European Art of Taste (EAT) program has just concluded. As EAT’s Bangalore consultant, I had the pleasure of helping to put together a series of food-focused events.

The first, at Caperberry, was an art-themed event that explored the connection between art and food. Art historian Annapurna Garimella presented several great works of art that featured food Рand chef Abhijit Saha created an extraordinary menu consisting of dishes (a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian for each course)  inspired by the art.

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Food Art by Carl Warner

This one is thanks to my best friend Melanie Coelho, who brought these amazing works of art to my notice. If you’re someone who thinks kids ought not to play with their food, take a look at these, and rethink your stance. Every element in each of these five images is crafted from food. Do click on the pics for a closer view.

Broccoli and bread

Broccoli and bread

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