Zomato Restaurant Guide

The Zomato Restaurant Guide 2012A few weeks ago, I was given a complimentary copy of Zomato’s Restaurant Guide for review. Having made it clear that my review may or may not turn out to be flattering, I diligently tried to use the book every time I felt like eating out.

Having done so, here’s my verdict: as a directory, it just about makes the grade; as a restaurant guide, I am not impressed.

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Sidewalk Café, Koramangala

Sidewalk CafeThe other day, I was driving down an obscure little lane near home, and saw a sign that said “Sidewalk Cafe”.

Having made a mental note to check it out, I was pleasantly surprised when a friend informed me that the scrumptious chocolate-frosted cake we were consuming had been obtained from there. It was rich, gooey with frosting, and sinful enough to warrant at least a dozen Hail Marys.

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Five Freezer Rules: Back to Basics #4


Our freezer, this morning

I lead a very full life. As previously mentioned, I live with two dogs, two teenage boys, a husband and a cat. I’m a corporate communications consultant and a food consultant. I blog about food. I swim. I paint. I sometimes do yoga. I love gardening. I’m a Facebook junkie. A Scrabble addict. A voracious reader. Someone who believes in investing time in friendship. And yes, I like to cook and eat. In order to pack all of this into my life, I need to use every tool at my disposal. In terms of cooking, that means making the most of my freezer. Keep reading…

Go Goa: Fernando’s Nostalgia

This post is long overdue… like several years overdue. Partly due to laziness, and partly due to a selfish desire to keep it to myself, the only mention I have made on this blog of my favorite Goa restaurant was brief – and didn’t focus on the food. Having just returned from our annual Goa vacation, where we had yet another fabulous meal at Fernando’s Nostalgia, I’ve decided that it’s time to bite the bullet.  …Keep reading

Fifth Foodie Meetup: Chef Madhu Menon at Herbs and Spice

Chef Madhu Menon

Chef Madhu Menon

When Chef Madhu Menon (of Shiok fame) promised to dish out a six-course meal to a bunch of food-lovers, there was (understandably) a virtual stampede to register online. There were only 28 slots available, and each person was limited to booking two slots. At 9.45am on the day registration was thrown open, I spent a good half-hour staring at the registration page and hitting refresh. At 10am sharp, my fingers blazed across the keyboard and my registration was confirmed. I was lucky – registration closed a record-breaking two minutes and 10 seconds later, with all 28 slots being booked.  Keep reading…

Four simple ways to dress up your food

I won’t argue with the statement that making food look pretty adds to the sensory appeal of a dish. We do indeed “devour with our eyes”. That said, food that is so artfully presented that you don’t feel like eating it kinda defeats the purpose – at least in my opinion.

I subscribe to the “quick trick” school of food presentation… since I don’t take hours to dress myself up, I see no reason to spend hours dressing my food up. For the average home cook, making  food  look good doesn’t necessarily involve intricately carved vegetables or sculptures made of meat. All it takes is a little imagination, and yes, a smidgen of extra effort.

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European Art of Taste: EATing Italy

The Bangalore leg of the European Art of Taste (EAT) program has just concluded. As EAT’s Bangalore consultant, I had the pleasure of helping to put together a series of food-focused events.

The first, at Caperberry, was an art-themed event that explored the connection between art and food. Art historian Annapurna Garimella presented several great works of art that featured food – and chef Abhijit Saha created an extraordinary menu consisting of dishes (a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian for each course)  inspired by the art.

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