Five Freezer Rules: Back to Basics #4


Our freezer, this morning

I lead a very full life. As previously mentioned, I live with two dogs, two teenage boys, a husband and a cat. I’m a corporate communications consultant and a food consultant. I blog about food. I swim. I paint. I sometimes do yoga. I love gardening. I’m a Facebook junkie. A Scrabble addict. A voracious reader. Someone who believes in investing time in friendship. And yes, I like to cook and eat. In order to pack all of this into my life, I need to use every tool at my disposal. In terms of cooking, that means making the most of my freezer. Keep reading…


Four simple ways to dress up your food

I won’t argue with the statement that making food look pretty adds to the sensory appeal of a dish. We do indeed “devour with our eyes”. That said, food that is so artfully presented that you don’t feel like eating it kinda defeats the purpose – at least in my opinion.

I subscribe to the “quick trick” school of food presentation… since I don’t take hours to dress myself up, I see no reason to spend hours dressing my food up. For the average home cook, making  food  look good doesn’t necessarily involve intricately carved vegetables or sculptures made of meat. All it takes is a little imagination, and yes, a smidgen of extra effort.

…Keep reading

Three Home Made Sauces You Should Never Be Without

Although I must confess to buying pre-made spreads and sauces for the sake of convenience, here’s are the three I usually make at home. Keep these on hand, and you’re always ready to dine – or evenentertain – in style. Each of them can be used in myriad different ways. …Keep reading

Like Water For Chocolate

Like Wtaer for Chocolate by Laura Esquival

Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel

This is one of my all-time favorite books. Originally written in Spanish as Como Agua Para Chocolate, it is a love story, recipe book, and ethnic soap opera all rolled into one.

The book tells the story of Tita, the youngest of the three de la Garza sisters, who is forbidden from marrying, since family tradition dictates that she must care for her mother – the domineering Mama Elena – to the end of her days (sound familiar?) Keep reading…

What About The Desi Food?

It's not all that complicated...

It's not all that complicated...

I’ve had several emails recently complaining that The FTB Blog focuses on firang food, and asking whether I eat or cook desi khaana at all. I will admit that I prefer the subtle flavors of Western cuisines over Indian; however, I cut my teeth cooking non-vegetarian curries in our tiny kitchen in Banashankari II Stage.

I dish out a mean mutton curry; a kori gassi that even my 71 year-old mother-in-law approves of; lace-thin neer dosas; and a couple of pretty decent, basic dals and vegetable side dishes (I don’t hide the fact that my vegetarian repertoire is somewhat limited). Keep reading…

Five “Fancy” Dinners: Down to Earth Dining #1

Burrito dinner

Burrito dinner

It’s all very well to aim for beautifully plated meals that feature sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus, and bechamel sauce. Dishing out delicious food to the family everyday, however, is another kettle of poisson fumé altogether. What can you dish out on a daily basis when the hungry hordes are rebelling against dal-chaawal-chapati? My sister-in-law recently put this question to me. Here are five ways to spice up your table with very little effort: Keep reading…