Missed Me?

After a six-month hiatus, the FTB Blog is back, and it’s better than ever. A new look, a new(ish) name and tons of food fun coming your way. Watch this space!


Note To My Readers

After my world turned topsy turvy at the beginning of February, I  found myself unable to think, write, eat, or do much else. I want to thank all of you for your patience, for trusting that – much like Arnie S – I’d be back.

The Spouse and I decided that a holiday was just what the doctor ordered, and on April 17th, embarked on a road trip that took the four of us from Bangalore to Bhutan and back. It took us a month all told, and we got to drive through Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and West Bengal before spending time exploring Sikkim and then moving on to Bhutan. Along the way were good times, bad roads… and a lot of good food.

Enjoy reading!

What Kind of Content Do You Want?

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Happy New Year… And Why I’m Late With My Greeting

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, the short answer is: Thailand and Cambodia.

The long answer: I got back in time to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with family and friends, but have subsequently been in a state akin to that of a python that’s recently consumed a succulent young goat. Replete, self-satisfied, somnolent – and unable to move a muscle.

Having successfully digested two weeks’ worth of fabulous food, eye-boggling sights, and memorable experiences, I now return to the business of writing. You can shortly expect to read about:


  • Khmer food
  • The divine delights of Kobe beef
  • Dim sum
  • A brief overview of Thai food, and how to order it in Thailand


  • Schizophrenic Bangkok, and how to see it the flashpacker way
  • The myth of that perfect “island in Thailand”
  • A day trip to Ayuthayya
  • Angkor Wat


  • Road Trip
  • Via Milano
  • Anupam’s Coast II Coast
  • Toscano
  • Benjarong

… and anyplace else that gets my salivary glands and creative juices flowing!

Happy New Year. May you eat and travel well.