Four Nutrition Lessons I Learned This Year

belly-2473_640My last blog post was made almost over a year ago. Last September, I stopped dining out, writing restaurant reviews and eating sumptuously rich food in a bid to invest in my health. My goal was to become stronger and more fit; that involved shedding  some a lot of weight and getting more active. To celebrate my return to blogging, and since this is a food blog, I’d like to share with you the four most important nutrition and weight loss lessons I’ve learnt over the last 12 months. Continue reading

Fifth Foodie Meetup: Chef Madhu Menon at Herbs and Spice

Chef Madhu Menon

Chef Madhu Menon

When Chef Madhu Menon (of Shiok fame) promised to dish out a six-course meal to a bunch of food-lovers, there was (understandably) a virtual stampede to register online. There were only 28 slots available, and each person was limited to booking two slots. At 9.45am on the day registration was thrown open, I spent a good half-hour staring at the registration page and hitting refresh. At 10am sharp, my fingers blazed across the keyboard and my registration was confirmed. I was lucky – registration closed a record-breaking two minutes and 10 seconds later, with all 28 slots being booked.  Keep reading…

Note To My Readers

After my world turned topsy turvy at the beginning of February, I  found myself unable to think, write, eat, or do much else. I want to thank all of you for your patience, for trusting that – much like Arnie S – I’d be back.

The Spouse and I decided that a holiday was just what the doctor ordered, and on April 17th, embarked on a road trip that took the four of us from Bangalore to Bhutan and back. It took us a month all told, and we got to drive through Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, and West Bengal before spending time exploring Sikkim and then moving on to Bhutan. Along the way were good times, bad roads… and a lot of good food.

Enjoy reading!

In Search of Total Perfection, by Heston Blumenthal

In Search of Total Perfection, by Heston Blumenthal

Any man who sticks his head-chef into an MRI machine and feeds him chilli-infused oil to see which areas of the brain “light up” in response to capsaicin deserves my respect. When the same man puts several pieces of marinated chicken into the machine to see how deeply each different marinade penetrates, I am consumed with the urge to commit bigamy (sorry, Spouse, I love you and all, but you have never put chicken in an MRI machine for me).

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Jiggs Kalra at Jamavar: Mewari Cuisine

Lunch with a friend

When you get a call from the country’s best-known gourmet, you answer your phone at once, and snap to attention. When you get a call from a friend, you answer your phone,  drop whatever you’re doing and make the time to break bread together. If the friend in question is the country’s best-known gourmet… well then, you’re one lucky ducky *insert smug smile.*

Jamavar at The Leela Palace recently showcased the cuisine of Mewar, Rajasthan in the form of a menu that the aforementioned gourmet/friend created through painstaking research into the history and culture of the region. He insisted that I sample the wares, and I gladly accepted.

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Cantonese Cuisine: At Home

Gavin struts his stuff

I enjoy “Indian Chinese” food. I even enjoy “American Chinese” food. That said, I have often wondered what the good people of China think of perversions like “Gobi Manchurian” and “General Tso’s Chicken”. A random tweet, from Gautam John of Pratham Books, bemoaning the lack of authentic Chinese food in Bangalore, sparked an idea.

Gavin Mak, who belongs to one of Bangalore’s oldest ethnic Chinese families, has been catering at our home for years. While Mak Hospitality, his catering company, dishes out some very good Indian, kinda-European, and desi-Chinese cuisine, Gavin  never serves authentic Chinese food, because he believes that “no one will eat or appreciate it”. I made a deal with Gavin: If I could find 10 people who would enjoy the “bland” flavors of true Cantonese cuisine, he would have to come and cook it himself.

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