Feel free to contact me if you’d like me to review your restaurant, or your food/travel-related product or service. When you invite me to visit your restaurant, send me a product for review, or invite me to sample your service offering, please note that:

  • the product or invitation is given to me “free and clear,” without any actions required on my part
  • there is no expectation of a post or review on any site or publication I’m affiliated with
  • I follow the self-imposed policies described on this page
  • I always inform my readers that you sent me a product or invited me to sample your service
  • should I choose to feature your restaurant, product or service on my blog, my review will be based solely on my actual experience with your product, whether positive or negative
  • whether or not I choose to review your product or service, I am neither obliged to compensate you in any way nor to return any samples you may have sent me
  • I am not obliged to seek your approval on my review prior to publishing it
  • you are not entitled to reproduce my review in your marketing or advertising materials without my explicit prior consent
  • you may, however, publish a link from your Web site to the review on my blog

Thank you.