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Food. Travel. Bangalore. A blog by Suman Bolar about, well, food and travel as seen through the eyes of someone who makes her home in the city of Bangalore.

This blog does not accept advertisements or sponsorships of any sort. From anyone. Period. Exception: When the popularity of a page increases, WordPress places GoogleAds on it. I neither have any control over nor receive any revenue from these ads, and they are not to be construed as products or services that I endorse in any way.

Content is included solely at my whim (if that seems arbitrary, hey – at least you know it isn’t a decision that’s based on how much ad revenue I’m getting from a particular restaurant or service provider).

And finally, my opinions and experiences are just that – mine – so if you disagree, feel free to say so!

Review policies

  • When I’m reviewing restaurants for this blog, I pay for my meals myself. Contrary to popular belief, it ain’t a free lunch, so I don’t feel obliged to be nice.
  • I always review anonymously – unlike newspaper and magazine reviewers, I do not give advance notice of my visit, and I do not identify myself until after I have eaten. Several times.
  • I generally try to visit each establishment at least twice, and usually three times, to check for consistency of food and service.

If you are a restaurant owner, food author,or food-related product/service company requesting a review, please also take a look at these guidelines before you reach out to me.

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…love to write, hate to work
…love to travel, hate to fly
…love to cook, hate to clean up
…love to eat, hate to exercise

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