Perfect Scrambled Eggs

With the weekend coming up, I’m suddenly reminded of the gigantic Saturday brunches I used to dish out to hungry friends. Scrambled eggs, stuffed omelets to order, toast, sausages, mushrooms, stuffed tomatoes, bacon. And more.

In a fit of nostalgia for the years before having two young kids made these long, leisurely (oh, okay – and boozy) brunches almost impossible, I hosted one last year, inviting sister- and brother-in-law with their kids; good friend and large eater Bruce Lee Mani (of TAAQ fame) and his wife; and my curmudgeonly yet well-loved buddy Rajesh Nair. I cooked up a storm: 12 omelets to order, all the aforementioned goodies, plus  home-baked creamed-spinach tartlets, and mango tartlets for dessert. What a blast!

To me, the most basic requirement of a satisfying brunch is to get your eggs right. Stuffing and/or flipping omelets takes practice – and a well-seasoned skillet. Scrambled egg is a whole lot easier.

Here’s Gordon Ramsay cooking scrambled eggs. I love the way he does these, and I can smell the accompanying sausages already! Yumalicious. I use a little milk or cream instead of  crème fraîche, and since tomatoes on the vine are hard to find, I just stick a few in the pan and tip ’em out at the end. Let me know how this works out for you. Bon appétit!

[Warning: Please be patient as you wait for the video to load. Avoid drooling on the keyboard.]

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