Thinking About bon South

As I battle my way through traffic on Koramangala’s own 80 Foot Road-to-hell each day, I’ve been eyeing bon South, Venkatesh Bhat’s new restaurant. When I interviewed him for a magazine article last year, he had mentioned his plans to open a non-vegetarian avtaar of South Indies, his maiden standalone restaurant venture in Bangalore – and one that I, as a consummate meat-eater, don’t visit too often.

Venkatesh impressed me as a down-to-earth man who (unlike so many others in this city’s flashy hospitality industry) isn’t running away from his roots as if practicing to be the next Usain Bolt. He’s doesn’t seem to need the facade of hi-tech gizmos, designer labels, page three parties, and a fancy car to tell you he’s arrived where he wants to be. My kinda guy. I’m going to check out Bon South just as soon as I can.


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