Donut Baker

Sugar fix!

Sugar fix!

As you step into The Donut Baker on Brigade Road, you can actually hear the sound of your arteries clogging. But hey, who cares? Being able to choose from over 47 varieties of doughnuts makes it very easy to forget your latest diet.

They’ve got jam-filled doughnuts (strawberry, blueberry, orange); chocolate-filled doughnuts; frosted doughnuts (chocolate, lemon, strawberry, vanilla, more); white chocolate-covered doughnuts; creamy doughnuts; sugary doughnuts; nutty doughnuts; sticky doughnuts… you get the idea. My favorites are the Bavarian cream doughnuts, a vanilla flavored, custard-filled variety; my husband prefers the Honey Twist, which is not a doughnut at all (duh, it’s a twist!) but is melt-in-the-moth delish nonetheless – soft and honey-kissed and dusted with sugar.

They even have Dobagels (doughnuts sliced laterally and spread with a yummy filling); Dowheels (doughnuts shaped like, well, wheels); Docakes (cakes shaped like doughnuts… Why? Why?); Dobars (sweet frosted rolls); or Dobites (the “missing” centres of doughnuts deep-fried and frosted). Priced between Rs. 9 for a Dobite and Rs. 29 for the sinful chocolate-covered doughnuts filled with Bavarian cream or the white chocolate-covered ones filled with chocolate cream, The Donut Baker offers excellent value. Takeaway “sets” (12 Dobites for Rs.99; six Donuts and eight Dobites for Rs. 144; six doughnuts for Rs.111) make it easy for you to indulge. Enjoy your doughnuts with iced tea, hot or cold coffee, or aerated drinks at one of the little tables at the Brigade Road, Koramangala,  or Malleswaram outlets.

Touting itself as India’s first international doughnut brand, The Donut Baker plans to open 20 outlets in Bangalore over the next six to eight months.

  • 185, Brigade Road (Below Pizza Corner)
  • 504, 14th Cross, Sampige Road, Malleswaram
  • Ground Floor, Total Mall, Madiwala
  • No. 368, 80 feet Road, 7th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore
  • Transit Food Court, Forum Mall, Hosur Road, Bangalore
First published in Bangalore Food Lovers ’07

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