Citibank Restaurant Week: Olive Beach

Citibank Restaurant WeekHello! I am back again after (yet another) travel hiatus – and I bring good tidings. Very good tidings. Get ready to gorge: Citibank Restaurant Week India is right around the corner.

Starting September 23, over 70 restaurant kitchens in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore will strut their stuff with prix fixe menus created specially for the week-long event.  All menus are priced at Rs.750 (excluding taxes and surcharges), and if the sneak-peek preview dinner I enjoyed at Olive Beach, Bangalore is anything to go by, every one of these meals is going to be an absolute steal. Bookings open 18 September, so get ready to get clicking! … Keep reading

The Bangalore Burger Smackdown

BurgerI love burgers. They are, to my mind, the culinary equivalent of commercial cinema: unpretentious,  enjoyable, and either unabashedly good or appallingly bad. Despite what health fanatics would have me believe, I see a burger as a healthy meal containing all four food groups: carbohydrate (the bun), protein (the meat), fiber (lettuce, tomato), and fat (cheese).

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Karaikudi: Chettinad Charm

It all started with my fetish for cast iron pots and pans. A friend mentioned in passing that   cast iron cookware – usually elusive and expensive – was available cheap, and in abundance, at a place called Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu. Within a week, I was headed to Karaikudi with a single-minded mission: to buy a cast iron soup pot. Or two. Or maybe even three.

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Medici in Indiranagar

medici logoThe first time I visited Medici was a couple of years ago, when I was invited as a guest of the Bangalore Mirror review team. At that time, I thought it had a lot of promise, but for one reason or another (so many restaurants, so little time!), I never returned. I was recently invited, with a bunch of other people, to sample Medici’s new Franco-Italian menu, ostensibly so that they could receive feedback on it (in other words, I did not pay for this meal). Having attended the very low-key sit down dinner, I was intrigued (and impressed) enough to return, several times, on my own dime.

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Zomato Restaurant Guide

The Zomato Restaurant Guide 2012A few weeks ago, I was given a complimentary copy of Zomato’s Restaurant Guide for review. Having made it clear that my review may or may not turn out to be flattering, I diligently tried to use the book every time I felt like eating out.

Having done so, here’s my verdict: as a directory, it just about makes the grade; as a restaurant guide, I am not impressed.

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Sidewalk Café, Koramangala

Sidewalk CafeThe other day, I was driving down an obscure little lane near home, and saw a sign that said “Sidewalk Cafe”.

Having made a mental note to check it out, I was pleasantly surprised when a friend informed me that the scrumptious chocolate-frosted cake we were consuming had been obtained from there. It was rich, gooey with frosting, and sinful enough to warrant at least a dozen Hail Marys.

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